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おみくじ工房 Omikuji Kobo

おみくじ工房 Omikuji Kobo

Famous for its long heritage of constructing elegant and lovely little Omikuji (おみくじ or 御神籤) that everyone loves. In addition to original products such as the “12 Zodiac”, “Manekineko”, and “Shichifukujin” series of lucky charms, we also handle “Character Omikuji” with licensed character designs such as the Hello Kitty series.
"Omikuji" is a registered trademark of Omikuji Kobo Co.,

Omikuji (おみくじ or 御神籤) are fortunes, generally bought from temples and shrines in Japan. “Omikuji” is often translated as “sacred lot.” The word kuji means lottery, and getting your omikuji always comes with an element of randomness. Each of these cute figurines comes with an Omikuji attached to them! Be sure to get your fortune told!

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